The STS-Controller

  • Controller for servo-hydraulic Testing Machines and Single Cylinders or electro-mechanical Testing Machines
  • High data security - the controller works without a network and without a primary operating system!


The direct line to your testing machine 


With the STS MMI 8X testing machine controller you are able to control individual cylinders, servo-hydraulic and electro-mechanical testing machines directly. This compact controller is suitable for modernizing older testing machines or building up new testing equipment.


Integrated function generators for ramp, sine, rectangle and triangle functions, cycle counter, pre-set limits and a software oscilloscope are integrated as standard.


The manual set-up/procedure of the actuator is effected via joystick with variable speed. The testing set-up and complex testing methods are carried out user-friendly and intuitively via the monitor.


The controller operates completely autonomous, without additional personal computers. For measurement recording (for example in TDMS-Format for MS EXCEL and  Diadem) the corresponding interfaces are available. Use of electro-mechanical switches or buttons was avoided as much as possible. Operation is carried out via mouse and joystick.




  • Controller: National Instruments CompactRIO Controller with Real-Time Processor and Reconfigurable FPGA
  • DA converter for analoge measuring data output and machine control system: National Instruments +/-10 V, 16-Bit, 100 kS/s/ch, 4-Ch AO Module.
  • AD converter for measuring data output and external input: National Instruments  +/-10 V, 16-Bit, 100 kS/s/ch, 4-Ch AI Module
  • Digital converter,  TTL Digital Input/Output Module
  • Connection options for force, strain, displacement and many other physical parameters
  • Manual machinen controlling: Industrie-Joystick Hall Effekt
  • Operation: via 22 inch monitor + mouse
  • 19 inch metal housing with fan    




  • National Instruments LabVIEW based
  • Optionally expandable
  • Also available as VI (virtuel instrument)
  • Intuitiv and simple to use interface
  • Closed Linux operating sytem
  • FPGA-level for machine operating and measurement recording
  • Independant of PC and other operating systems  


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